Accessories for Gate Motors

We have the following accessories available for gate motors. Should you have a question about a particular type or make that may not be listed below, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Receivers and remotes

We carry a large range of receivers for gate motors and alarm systems from basic receivers to code hopping, long range and high security receivers. We recommend the following manufacturers

Centurion (click here to see Centurion Products)

Martin Electronics (click here to see Martin Electronic products)

In addition to the above we stock receivers that operate directly from a user's cellular phone, i.e. no need to carry a remote, just give your gate motor a call from your phone to open or close! Only the programmed numbers would activate the gate. No security risk.

We also have receivers that where the actual unit gets installed inside your vehicle and opens up the gate by simply flashing your headlights once!

Anti-theft brackets

anti-theft brackets anti-theft brackets

We have anti-theft brackets available for Hansa and Centurion sliding gate motors. However we custom manufacture brackets for other makes as well. Our anti-theft brackets are available with insurance approved disc locks.

Infra-red beams and other safety devices

I.R. beams are a total necessity for multi-dwellings and complexes where there is a high risk of accidental closure onto a pedestrian or a vehicle.

click here to view Centurion I.R. products

click here to view Martin Electronic products

Pillar lights

anti-theft brackets anti-theft brackets

Pillar lights can be installed on either side of an existing driveway. The pillar lights can either be programmed via gate motor PC board to come on for a specific duration of time while the gate opens or alternatively be linked via a Day/Night sensor to come on at dusk. We recommend Radiant Lighting Products.

Gate Brushes

Weldtech has designed 'The Gate Mate' (Patent pending). A kit that comprises of four adjustable brushes that get installed right next to the gate wheels and keeps the bottom track clean.

No more dirt and obstruction. Less wear on the gate wheels and no strain on your gate motor. No more unnecessary chores or depending on your garden service.

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