Electric Fence

In today's times, it has become an absolute necessity to safeguard your premises from intrusion.

Electric fence is designed just to do that. Not only it's much more aesthetically appealing compared to conventional barbed wire but it is also much more effective.

Electric fence may be installed on top of an existing wall or either right from the ground level upwards. Available with different types of brackets and colours to best suit your premises and the height that may be required.

Electric fence can also be used to keep your pets away from flower beds, etc. or at farms to keep animals in or out.

The current flow in an electric fence is about 9000 volts per second on average. Due to the fact that the fence works on DC current, the shock is not lethal.

Should there be an intrusion or interference with the fence wires, the alarm would go off immediately thus giving you an advanced warning and peace of mind.

The fence comes with optional galvanized braided wire or stainless steel wire. Different makes of fence energizers are available.

Options of digital keypads or remotes to suit your requirements. For rural areas we offer a wide range of solar panels to choose from.

All electric fence energizers have battery back-up that typically lasts for about 5 to 6 hours in the event of a power failure.

Be it an entry level (5 strand) fence to a stand alone (24 strand) fence, we manufacture and install all different types. We custom manufacture electric fence brackets to suit your taste and requirements. The only company in Johannesburg to introduce colour coded brackets along with wrought iron fancy brackets.

For all electric fence equipment and accessories we strongly recommend Nemtek products.

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