Merlin Stealth Master M25S, M28S

The Merlin Stealth Master energizer, is a dual zone energizer and can control up to nine standard Merlin Stealth dual zone energizers. That means a total of 10 energizers can be controlled together and divided up into 20 fence zones.

Any number of dual zone energizers can be networked, forming a basic 4 zone, 6 zone or up to the 20 zone system as required.

The complete control of the system is done through a 20 zone keypad which is supplied with the Merlin Stealth Master energizer.

Features offered by the 20 zone master controller system

  • The master energizer is also an energizer with two zones thus the cost per zone is reduced
  • It can be configured with any number of energizers that the system requires (max of 10 including the master)
  • Uses existing proven standard Merlin Stealth dual zone energizer units as slaves
  • Multi energizers offer an increased level of security the zones run independently, so even if there is a breach of 1 zone, the rest of the zones will not be compromised
  • Individual slave energizers can also be controlled by the 20 zone keypad
  • Controls the energy output per adjacent zones so that the system does not exceed the maximum legally permissible output

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