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I need a quote, is there a charge?

A: Weldtech offers, free and no obligation quotes that are usually valid for 30 days.

What sort of guarantee do i get with the products, that 'WeldTech' has to offer?

A: All our products carry a standard 12 months guarantee on both workmanship and quality.

What is not covered by guarantee?

A: Lightning, power surges, acts of God, negligence, vandalism and theft.

I need gates, but i have my own design. Will you beable to manufacture it for me?

A: Yes gladly. Not only can we work as per your requirements but we can also improve on it.

I have existing gates and i need to automate them. Which motor would be best for my gate?

A: There are various motors to choose from, however please bear in mind that a gate motor works according to the gate's total mass and size. One of our sales consultants would be more than glad to recommend the correct motor for the application.

What are the preffered methods of payment for services rendered by 'Weldtech'?

A: You can either pay cash, via bank guaranteed cheque, EFT ( electronic transfer ), credit card or talk to us about our payment plan.

How does the 'payment plan' work?

A: Weldtech's payment plan works for anyone. Regardless of a persons credit rating,etc. An amount of 10% is added to the total cost and then split equally into three payments.

Is a deposit required for work at my premises?

A: Only work where the amount is more than R20 000, requires a 50% deposit?

Does 'WeldTech' do work for insurance companies?

A: Weldtech is well known in the insurance and banking sector. Weldtech is also proud to be recognized and authorized by the one of the biggest and well known banking institutions namely ABSA. Our technicians are trained by well known manufactures such as Centurion, Hansa and Nemtek in oder to ensure that the work done is in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications.

Can i get some refernces if required?

A: As many as you would like.

What is the turn around time for a quote?

A: It usually takes a maximum of 48 hrs for a sales consultant to meet the client and a maximum of another 48 hrs thereafter for the quote to be sent to you.

Which areas does 'WeldTech' operate in?

A: Weldtech operates not only in Johannesburg but in the entire Gauteng province. Cape Town and Durban branches are also currently under development.

What discount is offered to pensioners

A: Pensioners automatically qualify for a 5% discount, upon producing proof or may alternatively opt for an interest free, 3 month payment plan.