In today's times, home and office automation has become an integral part of our day-to-day routine thus minimizing manual work.


Be it controlled exit and entry or systems designed to keep track of day-to-day routine, we have a tailored made solution for your needs. Whether you are a complex or a factory and require automation systems such as keypad entry or exit, loop detectors, fingerprint access, alerts via GSM SMS, card entry, tag entry or traffic barriers, we have the solution.

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Main features:

  • Battery backup
  • High volume capability
  • Rapid boom pole raise (3m version < 1.2sec)
  • Smooth intelligent speed control
  • High torque boom pole operation
  • Robust, durable and slim-line operator casing
  • LCD user interface for simple set up
  • Onboard NOVA rolling code (KeeloqTM encryption) multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Integrated ChronoGuard timer functionality


  • SECTOR 3 – Rapid speed high-volume barrier, 3m boom pole
  • SECTOR 4 – Standard speed high-volume barrier, 4.5m boom pole
  • SECTOR 6 – Standard speed high-volume barrier, 6m boom pole

If the requirement is to cordon off a parking lot or entrance to a housing estate where a manned guard is always present, then the CENTINEL manual barrier is a perfect cost-effective answer.

The CENTINEL is available with 3, 4.5 and 6 metre boom pole lengths. Using an internal spring the CENTINEL avoids the use of unsightly weights to counterbalance the boom pole. This results in a particularly compact and aesthetically pleasing barrier befitting the entrance to any up-market installation.

Main features:

  • Internal spring counterbalance
  • Attractive slim-line construction
  • Convenient actuating handle for raising boom pole
  • Thumbwheel to secure pole in raised or lowered position


  • CENTINEL 3 – Manual Barrier, 3m boom pole
  • CENTINEL 4 – Manual barrier, 4,5m boom pole
  • CENTINEL 6 – Manual barrier, 6m boom pole

Designed for small stand-alone access control applications where security, cost and simplicity are important

This exceptionally affordable device relies on a valid tag or access card being presented before access is granted. The SOLO can cater for 50 user tags (ZAPtags) with the ability to selectively add and delete users. It supports a single channel output with latch or non-latch functionality and the option to provide a secure link with the access point device via a “SmartSwitch”. SOLO offers other useful features such as door monitoring with alarm activation which will sound after a predetermined period if the door has been forced or simply left open.

Main features:

  • 50 tag memory
  • 13.56Mhz operating frequency
  • Excellent read range
  • Easy programming of user tags
  • Selectively add and delete tags
  • Free-exit input
  • Alarm output for:
    • Door open
    • Door forced
  • Optional secure link (SmartSwitch II)
  • Weatherproof reader (surface and flush mount)
  • Optional anti-knock shield for reader


A networked access control system suitable for large, complex installations. It can easily integrate with various makes of Wiegand biometric readers such as Sagem.


Main features:

  • Easy user-friendly installation and setup
  • Anti-passback and Zone control
  • Extremely flexible events & actions
  • Flexible Time & Attendance exporting
  • Site-based configuration and hardware filtering
  • Graphical event and alert monitoring and control
  • PC-Based actions for controlling 3rd party devices (CCTV, etc.)
  • Tag-holder sequencing tasks (enforcing Time & Attendance clockings)
  • Quick search filters, low bandwidth setting and on-the-fly configuration
  • Random search and tag holder counters for scripting
  • Software plug-in for PC-based overrides or custom extensions
  • Biometrics integration with Wiegrand readers such as SAGEM

What is the threat with remotes?

FIXED coded remote systems – particularly those using dip switches to set the code, are very easy to copy or clone. They also offer a very limited number of possible codes. In other words, these systems only provide convenience, with very limited security.

Main features:

  • 433Mhz operating frequency
  • Transmitters with one to four buttons
  • Transmitter quick and easy to open for battery replacement
  • Belt or visor clip supplied as standard
  • Transmitter body clip doubles as wall bracket
  • Self-learning receivers with one, two and four channels
  • Receivers incorporate stable narrow band technology
  • Weatherproof housing for receiver

The SupaNOVA is a versatile receiver compatible with the NOVA rolling code (KeeloqTM) range of remote controls. It is the perfect tool for multi-user applications such as access points to housing estates, offices parks and industrial complexes by allowing quick and easy management of the remotes operating the system.

This receiver allows up to 1000 separate remote buttons to be learned in to the system. Maintaining a clean data base of memorised remote controls is easy with SupaNova’s ability to selectively delete individual buttons or complete remotes.

SupaNOVA even allows mapping of any button on a transmitter, to any of the three channels that come standard with the receiver. This caters for those of us who want our own specific sequence of buttons to, for example, first open the gate, then the garage door and then the alarm system.

The convenient memory module can be used to backup and restore large sites in seconds ensuring that your data is safe and maintaining your data base is easy.

Main features:

  • Selectively add and delete users
  • Self-learning of transmitters
  • 1000 user groups available
  • Three channel output for greater functionality
  • Programming module separate from receiver
  • Mount console in secure and convenient location
  • Mount receiver in elevated position for optimum range
  • Back-up memory module
  • SmartSwitch for tamper proof outputs (optional)
  • Three digit LED display for easy programming and diagnostics