CCTV has become a major part of our everyday lives. From keeping a check on your employees to monitoring your warehouse or property, it lets you keep well informed of your surroundings in your presence or absence.


Be it for industrial or domestic use, we custom-install CCTV systems to best suit your requirements.


From covert cameras to visible cameras with a choice of either viewing it on a fixed station or remote viewing, we have just the solution for you.

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Wide Range Of DVR's

We have a wide range of DVRs ( Digital Video Recorders ) that come with the following features:

  • 500GB internal hard drive (can be upgraded) which typically records for up to four weeks
  • Can be set to record upon sensing motion
  • An IP address can be generated for remote viewing via internet either on a remote computer or a cellular phone
  • Capability of sending out alarm signals via an email to a designated email address/s
  • Video loss and motion alarm function
  • Built in USB port/CD Writer to create back up of events
  • Audio and Video recording with play back in real time and in colour

Wide Range Of Camera's

We stock a wide range of cameras such as cameras with Infra Red with various ranges and Day/night cameras with various lenses. Various brands such as JVC, Sony and Samsung to choose from.

We also stock a wide range of covert cameras with built in DVRs.

SPYWARE: Suitable for covert operations, security and investigation companies, private detectives or government agencies.